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College Preparation

Developed by Experts. Designed for You.

College Prep Plus was specifically designed with students and counselors in mind. We wanted to streamline the post-secondary planning process by giving you simplified access to all the necessary resources. This way you can be confident in your preparation and pursuits. 

Our Story

Michael Kayhan is the founder of College Prep Plus. Since attending Stanford, he has gained over 25 years of part-time classroom experience in secondary and post-secondary education, was an investment advisor from 2002-2023, and made presentations in Northern California from 2016-2020 on “How To Pay For The Cost of College”.

As he was covering classes for different teachers in various high schools and conversing with students and counselors, he noticed that they do not have the necessary tools available to successfully plan students’ post-secondary education, and pay for it. There was a need to systematically evaluate students’ readiness for their post-secondary plans (e.g. education, employment, independent living), academic readiness, non-academic strengths, and best fitted careers and colleges.

College and Career Counselor

Why Our Approach Is Different


Navigating the post-secondary planning process from start to finish has many components. College Prep Plus covers all of them so you are academically and financially prepared for one of life's biggest decisions.


Developed by experts with decades of experience, you can trust that the features and resources provided by College Prep Plus have been underpinned by a deep knowledge and understanding of the post-secondary planning process. You are armed with the best resources before making your big decision.


Preparing and applying to college involves multiple moving parts. It is imperative that students stay organized and track their progress and communication. College Prep Plus has simplified this process through its central repository of resources and streamlined communication.

College and Career Counselor


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