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Streamlining your post-secondary preparation from beginning to end.

Our Key Features


College Prep Plus offers multiple solutions depending on your needs and requirements. We serve individual students, small businesses, and  district-wide solutions for schools. 

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Students and Families

For students looking for guidance in their post-secondary planning process, College Prep Plus guides you through the process and gives you the tools to be successful from beginning to end.

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 Small Businesses

Pricing variable
Training Sessions Included

Counselors that serve small to large groups of students will be able to customize assessments and have students create profiles giving them access to our comprehensive resource platform.  

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School Districts

Pricing variable
Training Sessions Included

Looking for an affordable solution for your district? College Prep Plus will help your staff keep track of students progress, provide access to necessary resources, and aims to increase your district's college success rate. 

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