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Your college
journey starts with preparation.

Our Commitment

plan. prepare. pursue

College Prep Plus provides students and counselors with the personalized tools they need to holistically and successfully prepare for their post-secondary plans.

High School Students

Our Platform

Navigating the post-secondary planning process from start to finish has many components. College Prep Plus covers all of them so you are academically and financially prepared for one of life's biggest decisions. See if our online college planning solution is right for you. 

High School Students

Our Mission

College Prep Plus is a platform that helps you confidently prepare for your post-secondary plans personally, academically, and financially. Our simple yet comprehensive platform ensures you have all the resources you need and centralizes key communication between counselors, students, and colleges. We believe College Prep Plus gives students the best start when embarking on their post-secondary plans.

College Planning


Developed by experts with decades of experience, you can trust that the features and resources provided by College Prep Plus have been underpinned by a deep knowledge and understanding of the post-secondary planning process. You are armed with the best resources before making your big decision.

College Planning

Demo The Platform

Schedule a live demo to see how College Prep Plus can simplify the post-secondary planning process for schools, counselors, and  students

College Prep

"College Prep Plus is the most robust product out there to support school district efforts to improve each student's College, Career, and Preparedness. Appropriately selecting a college or a career is difficult, and this platform can help every step of the way providing the knowledge needed to make those important and valuable decisions. The amount of information and data available in this platform will benefit every student who uses it."


Lisa Seiser

Grant Consultant

What Makes Us Different.

A simple solution for a complex system.

Take the next step to start planning your post secondary journey to success.

College and Career Counseling

How to use College Prep Plus



Every student's college planning journey is unique. College Prep Plus provides you with a wealth of resources to explore as you begin to chart your future. Start with holistically evaluating your options. On College Prep Plus your can research careers, take personality assessments that align with different college settings, or begin with mock testing. 



Once you have an understanding of your academic strengths, your interests, and personal preferences it's time to start narrowing down your post-secondary options. Use our sophisticated college search engine to create your list of ideal colleges. The College Prep Plus search engine allows you to filter schools based on degree, campus size, cost, and so much more. 



Now it is time to apply and take the next steps in pursuing your post-secondary dreams. Use our streamlined communication platform to correspond with counselors, admissions, and schools. Get ready to effectively navigate the college financial commitment and return back to the mock tests and self-assessments to inform your college applications.


Please contact us for more information or for a detailed one on one demo of the product. We look forward to meeting you and assisting in the ease of your secondary planning process.

Phone: (650) 469-1325

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